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Access management in WordPress is a massive subject that includes various topics - from a simple concept of "capability" to managing at scale a multi-site web portal that includes 100+ different roles and responsibilities. Whether you're updating a personal blog, running a small business, or creating a membership platform for a Fortune 500 company, AAM has the power, reliability, and flexibility to help you do it better.

AAM Portal is the continuously expanding knowledge base where you can find the answers or ask the most difficult questions. However, knowledge without proper tools may lose some power. That is where free and premium AAM plugins come into play. Most of the documentation on this website is about the WordPress plugin Advanced Access Manager which you can download for free from the official WordPress plugin repositoryopen in new window.

Advanced Access Manager (aka AAM) is a powerfully robust and scalable WordPress plugin designed to help you control every aspect of your website, your way. It leverages WordPress core APIs to give you the most granular and direct way to define access controls to any website resource for an individual user, role, visitors or everybody altogether.

What is unique about AAM?

AAM comes with a one-of-a-kind access settings inheritance mechanism that takes into consideration all known WordPress core relationships between website resources, users and roles. It opens infinite possibilities to define access and security controls your way without compromising a website performance. You can scale your website to hundreds of thousands of active users, or millions of posts, and AAM can handle them all.

Who should use AAM?

When you do not have solid access management in place, it is a matter of time until your WordPress website gets compromised. AAM is not just a plugin with a powerful UI. It is the place where you can find answers to the most complicated access, security, and user identity-related questions. If you have a WordPress website accessed by two or more people, then AAM is the must-have plugin for you.

Can you contribute?

Absolutely! Currently, we are moving all our articles, tutorials, courses, and FAQs to every day. You can always make changes to existing documentation or add new ones by simply forking our GitHub Repoopen in new window.

As a developer, you can always contribute to our free WordPress plugins like Advanced Access Manageropen in new window, AAM Protected Media Filesopen in new window or Noti - Activity Notificationsopen in new window.

The least you can do is add a comment to any article within our knowledge base to spark healthy conversations.