Premium Complete Package

Premium Complete Package

The free Advanced Access Manager plugin includes hundreds of great features that cover many access and security management needs. However, the "Complete Package" add-on brings AAM to a new level with the arsenal of professional tools that satisfy 99% of all your access management needs.

Get the complete suite of all available premium features in one package. Any future features we included for no additional cost as long as the license is still active.

The premium add-on is currently used by approximately 20,000 websites worldwide.

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Refund Policy

30 days

Do I have to buy the Complete Package?

We strongly encourage you to take your time to learn about the free Advanced Access Manageropen in new window plugin and how it works. It is most likely that you will be able to accomplish many things with a free version.

You will be sure when the premium add-on is needed because either we explicitly state so or you need to start managing access to your website at scale.

How does the premium package work?

The Premium Complete Package is a supplemental WordPress add-on for the free Advanced Access Manageropen in new window plugin. When you purchase the premium package, you obtain a unique license key that allows you to download and install it on a limited number of websites.

Upon installation, the Complete Package extends the free AAM plugin's functionality and gives you limitless possibilities to define your unique access strategy.

Can I easily ask for the full refund?

Absolutely! We have 30 days full refund policy. No questions asked. The entire process is transparent and automated. You do not have to even contact us. For more information, please refer to our refund policy page

How does support work?

You do not have to be a premium license holder in order to get our support. You can either send us email to or schedule a quick Zoom callopen in new window with us.

Where can I manage my license?

You can manage your license key on the license page. Enter the license key, you received after purchase, and if it is valid, you will be able to do everything you need with your license.